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LaZa Modz adjustable rapid fire controller settings



  • Stealth Rapid Fire - No Extra Buttons - You use the sync button to change modes!
  • 7 Mode Settings (Compatible with ALL Controller Boards)
    • Mode 1 Halo 3, ODST, Reach, and Call of Duty MW2, Black Ops - Dual Rapid Fire!
    • Mode 2 GoW 1 & 2,and CoD Waw, Online
    • Mode 3 CoD4, MW2, Black Ops, and GTA 4,  – 30 shots/second online
    • Mode 4 Gears of War 1 & 2, Borderlands, and CoD Series
    • Mode 5 CoD "Fast Mode" – Works great on all CoD Games, great online speed
    • Mode 6 3 Round Burst Fire -Online All Games
    • Mode 7 5 shot burst - Online all Games!

  • Works with the Call of Duty Series Online! You will not get penalized (Mod Blocked) for using this online!
  • Durable - no glued on buttons - Much more durable than others!
  • Standby mode! - Hold LT and press sync button to cycle on/off! - No scrolling through 7 settings just to turn off and back on!
  • Retains controller's Rumble Function
  • Controller works normally when mod is turned off

This rapid fire controller totally negates any patch protection on CoD5! This will not get locked and shoots insanely fast!

How it works:

  • Click and release to activate
  • Use normal RT and LT triggers in game
  • Press sync button to change modes - quick and easy
  • Modes allow you to use rapid fire in Call of Duty World at War with out being penalized
  • Full instructions included!
LaZa Modz Ultimate 20 Mode Rapid Fire, Jitter, Auto Drop-Shot, and Quick Fire Chip
  • 20 Mode Rapid Fire Settings
    • Mode 1 Regular Speed and User Programmable
    • Mode 2 Akimbo
    • Mode 3 Jitter
    • Mode 4 Burst Fire (2,3,4,5 Round Burst)
    • Mode 5 Dual Trigger
    • Mode 6 Call of Duty World at War Modes
Click Here for the Full Guide: LaZa Modz 20 Mode Rapid Fire Complete Guide

LaZa Modz Controllers

ALL LaZa Modz Controllers are tested before they are shipped! 

Press the synchronize button once for every time you want to change the mode.

While your Rapid Fire is on you can switch it off at anytime with out cycling through all the modes by pressing the Left Trigger and Pressing the Sync Button. This will save the current mode you are in and when you want to turn it back on all you have to do is press the Sync Button again and you will return to the last mode you were in.

If you tap the synchronize button once the player 3 light will flash once, indicating MODE 1 has been selected.
If tapped the second time, the 3rd Player light will light up, indication MODE 2. Once pressed 3rd time, the player 3 light will flash three times representing 3rd MODE. Same applies to MODE 4, it will flash 4 times. The 5th MODE will flash 5 times and so on. With the 7 Mode Rapid Fire Mode 6 will Slowly Flash 1 time, this indicates you are in Burst Fire Mode 1. Mode 7 will Slowly Flash 2 times showing that you are in Burst Mode 2

Mail In Mod Instructions

If you have recently purchased one of our Mail In Mod Services then you will need to mail us your controller. Depending on the Service you have selected and the number of paint colors you have selected you can expect to receive your controller in 2-6 weeks from the time LaZa Modz receives it. (Some modifications take less time such as the Rapid Fire Mods and Ring of Light Mods, and most of the time your controller will ship the next business day.) At anytime during your controller upgrade feel free to call or email us to check the status of your controller, we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have. 

If you are going to send you controller to us by United States Postal Service (USPS) then please send it to the following address 

Z. Sturgill
P.O. Box 2016
Wise, Virginia
United States of America

If you are going to send you controller to us by United States Service (UPS) then please send it to the following address

LaZa Modz
714 West Main Street
Wise, Virginia
United States of America

LED Modz and Battery Life

The amount of LED's you decide you want on your controller can affect your battery life. If you tight on batteries then the ABXY, Thumbstick, and Guide Button Mods are not for you. Although they do not use much more than the standard controller you will see a slight difference in battery life. This is normal and nothing to worry about. Instead of getting the normal 56 hour battery life you will get around 40 hours with all the LED Mods we offer.

FYI: Its best to get into a habit of taking the battery pack off the controller after you are done playing. It will save your batteries and you will get around 48 to 50 hours of battery life. 



ALL LaZa Modz controllers can come with a Limited Warranty! You have an option on all controllers of an Extended (24 Month) Warranty. Our Warranty covers all of "OUR WORK". This means, during anytime within the Warranty you purchased, if anything happens to your controller such as, a LED burns out, a wire becomes disconnected, Rapid Fire stops working, or any issue that comes from LaZa Modz will be fixed free of charge.

Exclusions include: Water Damage, Factory Defaults (Such as circuit board malfunction), Signs of Physical Damage to your controller (Such as cracks, chips, broken parts), Or Opening of your controller (If the factory seal is broken or missing LaZa Modz will NOT Honor ANY Warranty).


Frequent Asked Questions:

Q. How quick should I expect to receive my controller?

A. For standard controllers with only Rapid Fire, Ring of Light, Guide Button, and PS3 Sticks Mods, you can expect to receive your controller 2-6 weeks (Depending on the Shipping Method). For Custom Painted Controllers, LED Thumbsticks, and ABXY Mods, the modification time takes longer. This is because LaZa Modz controllers are tested and re-tested to make sure all of the major functions of the controller are working properly and preforms the same as a stock controller. Also the paint that LaZa Modz uses takes 24 hours per color to dry, so a urban camo controller that has 4 colors will take 5 days to dry because all controllers are Clear Coated. (This ensures that the paint will not chip, crack, or get scratched).


Q. Do you sponsor Clans and Teams other than Team LaZa?

A. Yes, LaZa Modz sponsors other clans and teams.

If you are looking to be sponsored then please fill out the Clan Sponsorship Form below, email or call us at 1-888-990-6639. You will be asked to fill out the application below and LaZa Modz will consider your team for possible sponsorship. If you are chosen you will get a percent off everything in LaZa Modz Store. We also offer Team T-Shirts, for information on getting shirts for your team through LaZa Modz for a considerable discount call and ask to talk to Zak directly.  

"We will sponsor Clans Only. You have to be at least 18 years old (Government ID Required). Only serious and professional players will be taken into consideration. Please dont email me asking for a sponsorship in one sentence, as I wont take you serious. You have to understand, from a business perspective, it needs to make financial sense to us, so dont take it personal."



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