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Welcome to LaZa Modz

Home of the truly Custom Controller. Here you will be able to find or design anything that you could possibly imagine to customize your controller and even some things you can't imagine is possible.

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Xbox One custom xbox controller
PS4 Name Lightbar
Base Price: $9.99
Xbox One Custom Controller
Base Price: $149.99
Xbox One custom xbox controller custom xbox controller
Xbox One Modded Controller
Base Price: $174.99
Custom Image Controller
Base Price: $129.99

Custom Controller
LaZa Modz is your one stop Custom Controller shop for all your Custom Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and Playstation 3 needs. 
LaZa Modz L.L.C. is a fully registered and titled corporation in the state of Virginia.

Our staff has many years of experience within the gaming world and are trained in the electronics field. We also pride ourselves in the art of Custom Painting and Airbrushing. We will truly make you an "one-of-a-kind" Custom Controller that nobody else will have. 

All of our controllers use Brand New, authentic Microsoft┬« and Sony┬« products. We open the original controller package when you place your order and send it to you once the modification is completed. Our controllers are Not refurbished or third-party. 

All of our custom controller components are built in-house and made to order. This means all of our controllers, parts for the controllers, LEDs, and each option is unique to your specific order. This helps to ensure our components are of the highest quality and your controller will last for many years.

At LaZa Modz, your not just buying from another "modification company", You're buying where the best buy their controllers. 


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