Why Buy LaZa Modz
Determining why to buy a Custom Xbox Controller from LaZa Modz, other than other Modification Companies

When selecting a Custom Controller it is important to get exactly what you want from a company you trust. With our Custom Controllers you have unlimited customization options.

Why Buy from Us

Let us first start by showing you who we have made Custom Controllers for. We find this is a better way instead of "taking our word for it".

  • Chad Ochocinco - NFL Wide Receiver, New England Patriots
  • Paul George - NBA, Indiana Pacers
  • Roy Hibbert - NBA, Indiana Pacers
  • Jeff Pendergraph - NBA, Indiana Pacers
  • Jimmy Graham - NFL, New Orleans Saints
  • trollmunchies - YouTube Commentator
  • MinnesotaBurns - YouTube Commentator
  • MrTechnicalDifficult - YouTube Commentator
  • MsTuffany - YouTube Commentator
  • NobodyEpic - YouTube Commentator
  • ChaosxSilencer - YouTube Commentator
  • DarksydePhil - YouTube Commentator
  • Brent Grimes - NFL Cornnerback, Atlanta Falcons
  • Anthony Gaitor - NFL Cornnerback, Tampa Bay Bucs
  • Billy Winn - Boise State Football Defensive Tackle
  • Nick Toon - NFL, New Orleans Saints / Wisconsin Football Wide Receiver
  • Dennis Dixon - Pittsburgh Steelers QB / Superbowl Champion
  • LaMichael James - Oregon Football Runningback
Don't believe us? Google some of these names yourself or check our facebook page for pictures of our staff with these athletes or the clients themselves making video reviews of our products.

DarksydePhil Custom Controller
We designed DarksydePhil's Controller from scratch with a new add on that we had never offered, Custom Illuminating Logo ABXY Buttons, Logo Illuminating Guide Button, and Logo Illuminating Bottom Insert. We also added the exact The King of Hate Logo with crown and his name on the controller. 
If you are a YouTube Partner and would like your own controller please email Zak@LaZaModz.com . 

Paul George Custom Controller
Pictured below is Paul George and George Hill as owner Zak Sturgill personally delivers Paul's Custom Controllers to him after the Pacers home game in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Jimmy Graham Custom Controller
Pictured below is Jimmy Graham Jersey sent to us after the dominate Football Player received his controller

These guys trust us to build their custom controllers, will you?

People are always asking what makes LaZa Modz Controllers so much better than all of the other modding companies out there. We figure the best way to answer that is to give you an opportunity to review a Q & A with both LaZa Modz controllers and the competition and then let you decide who is better. From the content of our competitor's site, we assume how they would answer.

Basically, if you want to buy a product and want to risk a 50 % chance that it fails, then you should buy from our competitor’s. However, if you want to be part of a company that is on the cutting edge of this industry then we are the way to go. The information listed below does not reflect all of our competitors. We are business professionals that have achieved success by providing amazing customer service and a superior product.


LaZa Modz - Thanks for asking that question.We start here, we only purchase brand new sealed Microsoft or Sony controllers. We have contracted accounts with authorized dealers. These are the same controllers that are purchased in all the retail stores in the country.

Competitors- Well, our controllers are "LIKE" brand new. We buy from e-bayers and return-item sellers that specialize in selling used controllers. There is a chance that you will have minor wear and tear such as dirty crevices and worn triggers. This is how we sell so cheap, because we buy cheap products.

LaZa Modz


Clearly you can see how worn these "like new" controllers are. There is obvious damage to the trigger. Remember we ordered this controller and this is how we received it. What a waste of money

LaZa Modz


It is obvious that this "like new" bumper is scuffed and completely warn. Do you really want to use a controller that other people have used and abused? Buy LaZa Modz and you will be the first gamer to use your controller.

LaZa Modz


Clearly you can see we us Genuine Microsoft Controllers by the Markings. Do you see markings on our competitors controllers? (Beside the over and under spray on the paint)?


LaZa Modz- We offer a few different warranties on all of our controllers . Our standard warranty is 60 days parts and labor, longer than the original controller. We have these warranties as a safety precaution as our products are made with extreme care and by soldering specialist. Since we have been around for more than 3 years we are extremely good at what we do.

Competitors -We offer the longest warrant y in the business, even though we have only been around for about 6 months. I know it seems weird to offer a 2-5 year warranty when you have only been around for a short while, but who cares once we have your money. We do realize that 50% of businesses fail in the first year.


LaZa Modz - Yes, this is the most important part of the mod. We use only top of line soldering and gluing equipment. Recently we have began 3D Printing and Injection Molding our plastic parts. We have many industry secrets that we have perfected. Since we have modded countless controllers we have mastered the ability to make long lasting products.

Competitors- Soldering irons can range from $10-1,000, and the quality shows it. Our competition uses most standard Radio Shack irons which are for novice soldering. Contact points created with these irons are created very weak, which in turn means that they are more susceptible to having issues. Soldering is all about the connection to the circuit board. If you have an 'okay' connection you will find yourself with a malfunctioning controller. Competition also uses poorly stripped wires which commonly cause shorts in your controller. Go ahead shake your controller and all of a sudden the exposed wire on the inside will touch a metal contact, causing your controller to go haywire. If wires aren't routed correctly in the incredibly small controller, they can become pinned inside the circuit board. This will cause squeaking and the wire will eventually become severed.


LaZa Modz- Well you can purchase online or call us at the office, we are open Monday through Friday    10-5 pm. We accept all major forms of credit cards, PayPal, and cash. We have an average turnaround of 5-6 days and you are emailed immediately upon payment. Once your item is shipped you receive tracking to your email.

Competitors - We only accept PayPal because it takes like a little bit of money to accept Visa. You need proper bank accounts and merchant services. It is pretty expensive and then the government can keep track of your sales. We have great customer service hours from 3-6, that's when I get out of school. Also I don't like working Fridays so I am only open for a total of 12 hours a week for customer service.


- We see it as a compliment that our competitors steal our images, website concepts, and ideas. We were the first to do any ABXY Button Lighting, custom RB/LB, Trigger, D-Pad, and Insert Lighting, and we created all of the terminology. Unfortunately our competitors do not have a lot of creativity, but that is the price we pay for being the best.

In recent months we have taken steps to patent our most crucial technologies ie: Pro Triggers, and  Pro Sticks

Competitors - We didn't steal your ideas, we just borrowed them.


LaZa Modz - As you can tell our website and our products are top notch, we spend a huge amount of our profit back into our business. We are here to stay, and as we have shown we are no flash in the pan. The better we can make the experience for our customers, the better we feel.

Competitors - Well my controllers are ok and my web site looks like an 18 year old made it. Oh wait; I am 18, so that makes sense now.


LaZa Modz - Well we only use brand new controllers. We have modded countless controllers (Just look at our facebook page www.facebook.com/LaZaModz. We are praised for our customer service and our persistence to excel in our customers satisfaction. With pending patents and trademarks, we protect ourselves for the benefit of being around to uphold our warranties. We do not do things cheap or without care. Call us right now and I am sure someone will answer. If you want a positive purchasing experience, then we are the go-to company. Once our patents are approved, these other companies won't even be around to update or warranty your controllers. Thanks again for the interview and remember: Why buy from the imitators when you can buy from the innovators?!

Competitors - Wait you guys have patents?


LaZa Modz- We offer a very unique graphic concept allowing our customers to be in complete control of the design process. This concept is different than most other competing companies where you are stuck with choosing between 10 - 15 different colored  shells. Our policy is if you can dream it up, draw it or find it on the internet we can put the design on a controller. Whether it be your name, your logo, or anything in-between we can make it!

Competitors - We hand paint them so everyone is a little different than it might look on our website. This paint is not permanent and will chip in time. The paint can get really sticky with extended game play. We do not spend much time on research and development, so I'm not sure on how long it lasts. Oh and we are cheaper by like 5 bucks.....

Welcome Parents!!!

(This FAQ is dedicated to understanding the language of your children. For additional information regarding shipping, how to contact us,, Xbox Live policies, or holiday policies, check out our support page)

Are your kids really into gaming and leaving you feeling in the dark? Well, we're here to help. For starters, you came to the right place. LaZa Modz has become the biggest and most successful in the industry by offering Custom Modified Controllers and products that are far above the industry quality standard. How do we know this? We set the bar. Meaning here, you will buy with confidence knowing that the products are of quality. All of our controllers are Factory Sealed Brand New MICROSOFT and SONY controllers before they become the Custom Controller you ordered.

We offer customized controllers that enhance game play by making our users more effective players, giving customers the opportunity to confidently compete with the best players in the world. In addition, we offer several different ways to cosmetically personalize the controllers to create an individual look that will suit your little gamer perfectly. Beware, you may be shocked at the happiness and appreciation that ensues after your child experiences gaming with a LaZa Modz Controller.

To help you orient yourself, the following is a brief introduction defining some of the terms we use to describe our controllers.


This section of our website is dedicated in helping parents better understand the products and services that we offer. Let’s first start off with our modded controller.

  • Our modified controller enables your child to fire his or her in-game weapon much faster than his competitors. It is physically impossible for a human to press the fire button 20 times a second while maintaining their accuracy.

  • If you decide to get your child one of our controllers, his/her gaming experience will increase, overall performance will rise and it will allow him to compete against more experienced players.

Now that you understand what this controller does it’s time to see which controller is most compatible for your child. For the best game experience we recommend that you get your child our 5 or 7 Mode Rapid Fire Chip.

  • This controller looks completely normal with no added buttons. It works with all the games out there. Unlike the “other sellers” that offer only one controller for each game, this controller would work with all the latest games like the Call of Duty Series, Gears of War, Halo, GTA, and many more.

If you have any questions comments or concerns, please feel free to complete our contact form or call us at 1-888-990-6639.

Thank You,
LaZa Modz Staff