About LaZa Modz LLC

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Launched in 2008, LaZa Modz has forged the Custom Controller industry.
Established from humble beginnings in a spare bedroom to now occupying commercial space on Main Street, we know what it takes to work hard for something you desire. At LaZa Modz, our desire is for every gamer to be able to play with one of our custom controllers. A controller that is designed by you, made specifically for you, and played with for many years by you. We work extremely hard every day to achieve that goal.
Shortly after we opened the market was flooded with custom controller shops and individuals trying to sell “custom” controllers. The competition was fierce for many years until 2012, when Chad Johnson (NFL New England Patriots) tweeted at us to commission a custom controller for him.

And just like that, LaZa Modz became the dominating power in the Custom Controller industry.

After Chad came many many more Professional Athlete clients.

We were fortunate enough to hand deliver Paul George (NBA Indiana Pacers) the worlds first 24K gold Custom Controller.

Not only did we get to make a 24K gold custom controller, we also got to meet the entire Indiana Pacer basketball team after the game!

In 2012 we received one of our most prestigious accolades. A game jersey from Jimmy Graham addressed to the LaZa Modz staff for a job well done!
Throughout the years we have worked with many different Professional Organizations representing a vast range of clientele. Including content creators on YouTube! Here’s a list of just a few youtubers we have worked with:
  • MrTechnicalDifficult
  • MinnesotaBurns
  • trollmunchies
  • MsTuffany
  • NobodyEpic
  • ChaosxSilencer
  • DarksydePhil
With each controller we make we strive to make it better than the last. Our professionally trained staff work around the clock answering emails, interacting on our Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, Painting controllers, modifying circuit boards, processing orders, shipping controllers, web designing, creating daily content, recording video, and so much more. A special thank you goes out to each and every member of TeamLaZa both present and past.
With the team we have assembled now, there is no stopping us. Quality and Customer Service is our main priorities. We stand behind our products 100%. The blood, sweat, and tears, we put into each controller makes it a special work of art we are proud of, and we want our customers to be just as proud of their controller as we are.
With clients and fans, like yourself, we have grown quickly! Emerging as the “go to” shop for Truly Custom Controllers. At the peak of the custom controller industry there were at least 8 companies competing to be best custom controller shop. Now, almost 10 years later, thousands of custom orders completed, and even more satisfied and happy customers, there may be only 2 original Custom Controller Companies still viable in the market today. One of those is us LaZa Modz LLC, a bedroom start up from a small town in Virginia. We are humbled by the outreach and generosity of our unique fan base. We couldn’t have become what we are today with your unwavering support.

Here’s to the past 10 years, It’s been a blast! We want to thank you for everything you have done and everything your going to do. Sit back and be amazed, because even after 10 years, we are only just now getting started!

“Here’s to the next 10 years!”