We take shipping our products very seriously. Electronics and Fragile items require special attention that we do not and will not cut corners. 

    • Our controllers are some of the highest quality products that can be found online. You're paying for a product that was not only expensive to make but also took a long time to make, why would we cut corners now by sending you a product not protected to the best of our abilities? 
Here is how we ship our controllers:
      • A rigid double walled cardboard box that our controller fits snugly in.
      • Exclusive to LaZa Modz and made solely for us; Anti-Static / Electronic Wave Shielded cardboard protective enclosure that our controller is sealed inside of. 
        • This protects our controllers painted finish, as well as shields the controllers sensitive electronic circuity, any LEDs, or other sensitive equipment we install in your controller. 
      •  Layers of protective bubble wrap, air pouches, and air pillows. 
    • FREEBIES (Depending on Season and availability items in red may vary) 
      • Hand fulls of LaZa Modz Business Cards for your friends
      • LaZa Modz flyers 
      • Stickers
      • Wristbands
      • Lanyards
      • Christmas and other Holiday treats 
  • So you tell us, is receiving a product, you paid your hard earned money for, in a package with no protection other than a thin layer or bubble wrap, the flimsy plastic half and half controller box, or wrapped in news / kraft paper worth the money you paid?