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No Scope Decal
No Scope Decal
Base Price: $4.95
A great decal that is sure to improve your gameplay. This decal lets you run and gun, no scope, toss grenades, launch Noob tubes, and dual wield with deadly accuracy.

Gain the great advantage of having cross hairs on the screen at all times. Even with guns that don’t have them, guns that only have iron sites or prior to acquiring scoped weapons, and Hardcore Modes in FPS games. How about crosshairs to use onscreen when you are using your hand gun or shotgun. Crosshairs when dual wielding weapons! Saves time in close combat: you not having to bring up your scope or sights!

These decals are designed for FPS games — but come in handy on other games that you would like to have onscreen crosshairs also.

Perfect for when you do not want to aim down your sights and fire from the hip!

Just Scope in and place the sticker over your cross hairs and release the trigger, then fire away! Great for Hardcore and Game modes where you do not have Aim Markers, while using Dual Weapons, and pin point accuracy with ANY Sniper Rifle.